Transform Your School with Future-focused Digital Learning Tools

Albayen blends traditional learning with modern touches to elevate educational experience for teachers and students

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Why Albayen?

Albayen is made to boost your school's operation

We understand that schools need a system to manage the entire school - especially on the learning and teaching tools to support your educators.
Albayen provides a one-of-a-kind learning and teaching support system that elevates you and your stakeholders

For School

Operational Excellence: Discover our integrated system combining organizational, school, and learning management, designed for seamless educational administration

Data Driven Insights: Harness the power of advanced analytics for strategic decision-making and optimized resource allocation

For Teacher

Dynamic Teaching Aids: Utilize interactive tools, ready-to-use materials fostering blended learning strategies to create engaging and effective learning environment

Professional Growth: Access a wealth of professional development resources, enhancing your teaching methodologies with the latest in educational technology.

For Student

Personalised Learning Content: Engage in personalized learning activities with our Outcome-Based approach, fostering self-directed learning and critical thinking

21st Century Skills: Develop essential skills for the modern world, from digital literacy to collaborative problem-solving.

For Parents

Supportive Learning at Home: Access resources and guides to extend learning beyond the classroom and be an active participant in your child's education

Progress Tracking: Stay informed about your child's educational journey with detailed reports and analytics.


Our Features

Albayen provides an array of features for our users for their educational needs

Our Products

Our Products

Our products suit big and small organisations and small schools to cater to your needs


All-in-One Solution

Unlimited Account

Costumized Curiculum


Live Classroom

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Specially for School

4 Accounts

Standard Curiculum Provided


No Live Classroom

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